The direction for CLASP is set by its volunteer board. The board hires the part-time director, who is responsible for hiring the part-time tutor coordinator, office assistant, site supervisors and recreation leaders.


Board of Directors

Greg Shapton – President

Frank D’Emilio – Vice President for Administration

Nancy Ambrose – Vice President for Development

Hank Krieger – Chief Financial Officer

Cindy Sullivan – Treasurer

Amy Stanger – Secretary

Arlene Glube

Robin Gottuso

Jennifer Helé

Carol Ivy

Bev Jack

Antoinette Lewis

Sarah Liu

Metzli Montero

Sam Mowbray

Nancy Treser-Osgood

Art Parker

Lissa Petersen

Skylar Segura

Barbara Shelley

Amy Stanger

Ellen Townsend

Kevin Ward

Teddie Warner


Emeriti Members

Adar Belinkoff

Shirley Butler-Hughes

Mary Caenepeel

Carole Harter

Claire Oxtoby

Suzan Smith

I love my tutor because when I come into the classroom ….I am the happiest person on earth, because when I don’t know how to do it, she teaches me in a way that nobody else does.

CLASP Student