The direction for CLASP is set by its volunteer board. The board hires the part-time director, who is responsible for hiring the part-time tutor coordinator, office assistant, site supervisors and recreation leaders.

Board of Directors

Greg Shapton – President

Frank D’Emilio – Vice President for Administration

Nancy Ambrose – Vice President for Development

Hank Krieger – Chief Financial Officer

Cindy Sullivan – Treasurer

Amy Stanger – Secretary

Robin Gottuso

Carol Ivy

Bev Jack

Hilary LaConte

Antoinette Lewis

Art Parker

Lissa Petersen

Isabel Petropoulis

Astrid Petropoulis

Skylar Segura

Ellen Townsend

Kevin Ward

Teddie Warner

Emeriti Members

Adar Belinkoff

Shirley Butler-Hughes

Mary Caenepeel

Carole Harter

Claire Oxtoby

Barbara Shelley

Suzan Smith