CLASP Activities

When the children come to CLASP, they spend one hour inside with their tutors working on homework, individual reading, and other educational activities. They spend the other hour outside, playing sports and games or making craft projects with their friends and the recreation leader.


This system provides four main benefits:

  1. Making time for recreation is healthy for building a child’s mind, body and social skills.
  2. It relieves stress and helps a child be more ready to concentrate on homework after a full day at school.
  3. Tutoring is more efficient when the time is limited to an hour.
  4. CLASP comes closer to its goal of a one-to-one tutor-child ratio.

Throughout the year CLASP children encounter a variety of exciting and educational enrichment opportunities such as field trips, special recreational programs, and special events for CLASP families.


Special Programs during Recreation Time:  Often a special program comes to them such as learning the principles and practices of making bottle rockets, creative writing workshops with university students, reading with therapy dogs, learning about local plants and animals, experiencing classical music with a wide range of musical instruments, learning about distinctive dress and unfamiliar tools from foreign cultures, having lessons in earthquake preparedness, personal health, responsible recycling, vegetable gardening and various arts and craft activities.


Special Events for Families: Some enrichment activities such as the Family Math Night and Family Reading Night are planned. The children bring their parents and siblings to eat pizza and salad and play educational games that they can take home with them.

CLASP Connections


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