If you enjoy working with children, tutoring at CLASP may be the most rewarding volunteer opportunity in your life!


On September 19 CLASP volunteer tutors will begin helping students with their homework at four in-person tutoring sites and two online programs. If you would like to be a part of this exciting and challenging way of helping students with their school work, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (909) 450-1079 or [email protected] Support for volunteer tutors is a regular part of the program. Hours are generally between 2 and 5 in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Volunteers are asked to meet with their student for about 75 minutes, twice a week.


You will work with a child we select from Claremont’s elementary schools because he/she has great need for our services. Historically, CLASP serves children who come from approximately 80% low-income families and 90% from various minority groups. In addition, 25% are officially classified as homeless and 35% come from families with first languages other than English.


Although your primary responsibility is to help them with their homework, you will do much more than that. You will also serve as a mentor, a role model, and a stable and trustworthy adult in their lives. You will not only help them develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the classroom but the experience of genuine achievement they need to be successful in life. And you’ll have a lot of fun!


For the sake of building strong and stable relationships, we encourage you to make a one-year commitment, or a minimum of one semester. Of course an occasional absence is understood if you have a conflict.


In all of the centers, once homework is completed, it’s time for play. You will have the opportunity to read together, chat with your tutees, play a word or number game or do craft projects.


We frequently need substitute tutors, especially during college breaks. If you cannot make a weekly commitment, add your name to our on-call list. It’s a great way to become involved with CLASP!


To volunteer, please complete the online Volunteer Registration Form. Online is preferred; however, it could be printed and submitted via email or mail to the CLASP office.

CLASP relies on our wonderful volunteer tutors and extends our appreciation to our 2021-2022 in-person and online Tutors:

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Volunteer Registration Form

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