CLASP Year-end Report for 2021 – 2022

CLASP Student Profile

67 students participated in the CLASP program during the school year.

  • Low-income students – 75% qualified for free or reduced lunch from the school district
  • English language learners – 34%
  • Special Education students – 26%
  • Homeless students – 13.4%
  • Ethnicity – 64% Hispanic, 18% Asian, 4% Black, 5% Caucasian, 2% American Indian, 4% Multiple and 3% declined to state

CLASP Volunteers

85 volunteer tutors: 42 community members, 13 college students (University of La Verne and the Claremont Colleges) and 30 high school students (Claremont High School and Webb Schools).

  • 19 members of the Board of Directors, including representatives from the CUSD Board of Education, the City of Claremont Human Services, and Claremont High School. All members of the Board serve on one or more of our 13 CLASP Committees and were joined by another 14 non-Board members from the Claremont community.
  • Over 5,000 volunteer tutoring hours were logged (reduced this year due to online tutoring).


CLASP Highlights

  • In November of 2021, CLASP had its successful 7th Annual Celebrate CLASP! event at the beautiful home of Devorah Lieberman and Roger Auerbach. The event honored our retired Program Director, Jan Creasey. The party raised over $66,000 and once again proved to be our most successful fundraiser!
  • CLASP continued a strong extra-curricular program offering students opportunities to participate in science and art activities. This included, American Red Cross Pillowcase Project, pumpkin decorating, and Valentines. The highlight of these activities was MakMo (Ozobot Robots) with students participating in hands-on activities that included computer coding, robotics, 3D printing, cardboard construction, and much more.
  • In June, we received word that our Tutors and High School Technology helpers (Techies), were chosen as Community Heroes by the Claremont Independence Day Committee. They were honored during the July 4th ceremonies and participated in the parade.

I am proud to report that thanks to the incredible hard work, flexibility and creativity of our staff and volunteers, we continued to provide positive experiences to our students during another challenging year. Whether it was online or in-person, our students were able to receive one-on-one homework help from the same caring adult twice a week.

Our many Board committees worked hard to ensure the success of our program. In collaboration with the school district, we are determining what is needed to increase the effectiveness of CLASP and support the growth of our students. Prudent budgeting has allowed us to address these needs through the hiring of qualified staff and the purchase of needed technology. Strategic training has given tutors the tools they need to respond to the changing curriculum and the variety of student learning styles. Volunteers have provided students with meaningful experiences to improve social and emotional growth. In many ways, CLASP is much more than simply a homework help program!

You, our donors and supporters, have stepped up to the challenge as well. Because of your generosity, CLASP not only met the challenges of the pandemic, but we were able to create and add features to our program that will continue in the years to come.

On behalf of the CLASP Board of Directors, our staff, volunteers, and most importantly, the students we serve, I want to thank the entire Claremont community for the incredible and consistent support it has given to CLASP. We remain committed to providing needed academic, social, and emotional support to our students now and in the future.

Frank D’Emilio

CLASP Board President 2021-2022